Find better information, products, and services with the help of your friends.

Everyone you know, everywhere you go.

Because the people we know and trust are important when we take decisions provides its users with social context: the ability to connect with the right people anytime anywhere. The company has developed patent pending big-data technology and the first experimental products. People Extension

Connecting with the people you know across networks is easier than ever with the People Extension.

No more cutting and pasting between multiple online networks and email accounts.

  • Quickly search from your favorite mail client including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail etc.
  • Find people you know when you search in Google, Yahoo and Aol
  • Get more information about the people you know when browsing websites and company pages
  • Get more information about customers and prospects in Salesforce, Zoho and
  • Get powerful sharing features through seamless integration with the Twitter Extension

You'll enjoy having everyone you know, everywhere you go.

Install Twitter Extension

The Twitter Extension makes it fast and easy to enjoy Twitter from any webpage.

The handy wing eliminates the need to navigate away from the page you are viewing in order to:

  • See the pages that people in your network have tweeted about
  • Read tweets about the page you are looking at
  • Tweet a page with a shortened link and a custom signature
  • Reply, retweet, favorite and view your timeline and mentions
  • Enjoy seamless integration with the People Extension for enhanced profiles

Using Twitter across the web has never been faster or easier.


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